CyberDragon Wiki

CyberDragon is an online game based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Players can recruit heroes, challenge dungeons, build up their heroes' levels, and loot rare items. The final challenge is to defeat the ultimate boss, the Cyber Dragon. The tokens paid by all players will become the assets of the Cyber Dragon's treasure chamber. Defeating the dragon will receive the Dragon treasure chamber rewards. The Cyber Dragon will be reborn and become stronger, accumulate the wealth of the treasure house and wait for the players to challenge it again.

Getting Started

The requirements to start playing CyberDragon are a Binance Smart Chain compatible wallet such as MetaMask, and also enough BNB to pay for gas fees.
You can buy BNX token from PancakeSwap or Binance.

Multi-Token Economic System

Cyber​​Dragon has a multi-token economic system that uses BNX, Gold, and Crystals.

BNX token

Token address:0x8c851d1a123ff703bd1f9dabe631b69902df5f97
CyberDragon's governance tokens. BNX token holders can participate in community governance and have voting rights on major game decisions. At the same time, holding BNX tokens can also get holders regular airdrops of gold. Some key operations of the game require consuming BNX tokens, such as creating heroes, forging rare equipment, challenging the Cyber Dragon dungeon and some top dungeons. Ways to get BNX tokens: buying from Dex such as PancakeSwap, Babyswap, challenging specific dungeons in the game, and participating in other Defi products of BinaryX. Most of the BNX paid by users in the game will be used to set event rewards and eventually returned to users.


Token address:0xb3a6381070B1a15169DEA646166EC0699fDAeA79
This is the main currency in the game. Gold is required in most consumption scenarios in the game. For example, heroes need to consume gold to upgrade; gold is required for expenses when challenging dungeons and preparing the equipment. You can also use gold to hire other players' heroes to form a team together, etc. Gold can be obtained by mining by participating in daily work after recruiting heroes. Gold can also be traded through the DEX platform.


Token address: 0x6AD7e691f1d2723523e70751f82052A8A2C47726
The currency game can be used in the game. For example, players can consume crystals to reforge equipment, which is consumed when challenging a specific dungeon.

Recruiting a Hero

2000 NFT heroes are offered for recruitment as weekly auctions with the bidding starting at 1 BNX and 50BUSD.
Each user can bid any amount of BNX higher than 1, while the BUSD part is fixed at 50. Any users can make a bid to a hero at any time and the bid offer will be placed on the transaction list. Users have the option to cancel their bid anytime.
For now, BNXC continues to follow the price of 1BNXC + 50 BUSD for recruitment or minting.
The 2,000 employment orders with the highest bid will be filled at a random time between 11:30-12:30 (UTC) on Thursdays. All orders greater than the lowest price will be exchanged at the lowest order price, and users get newly hired heroes. As usual, hero traits and classes will be chosen randomly. Each hero is in the form of NFT, and you can freely transfer/buy/sell the heroes.
Reminder: Each bidder's funds will be locked until the selection. One wallet can bid to an unlimited number of heroes. The funds will remain in the queue until the transaction is complete or the user cancels the pending order voluntarily.


Initially recruited heroes are level one, and you can level up your heroes by consuming a certain amount of Gold and BNX. The higher the level, the more Gold you need to consume. Gold can be obtained through the rewards of dungeon adventures, or through each hero's daily work of mining. Leveling up the hero is one of the most essential parts. Leveling up the hero will increase the hero's combat effectiveness and mining duration, but leveling up will not increase the hero's attributes. High-level jobs and dungeons require the corresponding hero level to participate.
Failure to upgrade will reduce your hero's level by 1. The hero to be burnt should be of 1 level lower than the hero to be upgraded.


Your hero is randomly assigned a Class when you recruit them. Classes that are currently supported include: Warrior, Rogue, Mage, Ranger, Knight, Priest, Druid.


As brave and experienced fighters, Warriors are reliable protectors of their team. They can equip all one-handed or two-handed weapons except magic staff. They can equip light or heavy shields and medium or heavy armor. Warriors boast the greatest growth in terms of Strength and Constitution. They can protect their teammates by taunting/guarding skills.


Skilled in the art of dual-wielding, Rogues can cause massive physical damage. Rogues can equip all one-handed weapons, light shields, and light and medium armor. These quick-witted thieves have fast-growing Agility and can dodge and evade damage. Rogues can use their Steal skill during combat to steal items and rare equipment for their team. Outside of combat, Rogues are versatile when it comes to Life Skills and can earn themselves a fair sum of Gold tokens doing Daily Work.


When it comes to the elements, Mages are masters of manipulation. Can only equip magic staff and robes, and cannot use any shields or armor. They have the highest growth of spirit and intelligence and are good at dealing with AOE damage. The Mage can also create magic equipment, enchant equipment and improve team combat capabilities.


Fighters with firm beliefs, Knights are steadfast warriors whose Aura skills can grant buffs to their team. Knights can equip all one-handed weapons(except the magic staff), light or heavy shields, and medium or heavy armor. Knights possess the fastest growth of Constitution and Spirit. Although their combat effectiveness is not strong, their aura skills are indispensable for challenging advanced instances.


Rangers are masters of archery and experts in wilderness survival. They're renowned for dealing fatal blows from their bows and can lead their team around traps or flank the enemy to deliver a surprise attack. Rangers can equip bows and crossbows as well as light and medium armor, but they cannot equip shields. Rangers have balanced and steady growth in Strength, Agility and Constitution, which allows these rugged fighters to dominate in Adventures and Challenger Competitions.


Priests are healers that prove essential during battle. They can equip all wands, light shields, and robes. Priests are blessed with elevated growth in Intelligence, Spirit, and Willpower. The potent healing ability improves the survivability of teammates.


Weavers of magic with balanced attributes, Druids have excellent survival skills and are incredibly lethal. Druids can equip all wands, light shields, and medium armor. These spritely forest dwellers have enhanced Intelligence and Constitution development. Despite their sweet appearance, Druids are no less fearsome in combat than any other mage class and they possess uncanny survival abilities.



This attribute represents the strength of a hero's muscles. When using most of the physical damage types of weapons, the strength will determine your attack power. When using two-handed weapons, you can get a higher strength damage bonus. In addition, heavy armor and heavy shields usually have minimum requirements for strength.


Agility represents hand-eye coordination, physical flexibility, reaction, and balance abilities. This is the most crucial attribute of rogues. Agility determines the hero's evasion ability. (The dodge ability will also be affected by the armor and shields equipped by the hero, check the Fighting section for details) In addition, some weapons with "dexterous" attributes will receive an agility damage bonus. Agility attribute also determines the debuff when dual-wielding weapons.


Constitution represents health and endurance, so this attribute is essential for every class. In addition to health, Constitution also determines the possibility of not being debuffed for a heros.


Intelligence represents the learning and thinking ability of a hero. Intelligence is the most important attribute to the Spellcasters. Intelligence affects the number of spells that the hero can cast, the difficulty of the opponent's resistance to the spell, and the spell’s damage. High-intelligence Mages can learn more advanced types of spells and can cause more significant damage than other Mages.


Willpower represents the hero's endurance to injury and pain. In the game, hero's Willpower determines their ability to resist physical damage.


Spirit represents the strength of the hero's mental power. A hero with strong mental power will receive less magical damage. In addition, Spirit also determines the effects of knights and priests.



Health points (HP) represent a heroe's ability to withstand damage. Each hero starts with full HP when entering a dungeon or starting a PvP battle. A hero's Max HP= 5 × Constitution × (1 + 0.2 × (Hero Level - 1)) + Health Bonus from Equipment. Your hero's HP will go down when they take damage. If your hero's HP reaches 0, they will be withdrawn from the battle. Heroes recover their full HP after the end of each dungeon or PvP battle.


A hero's Attack is their ability to deal damage. Attack = Hero Attack × (1 + 0.2 × (Hero Level – 1))× Equipped weapon damage multiplier + Equipment bonus. For example: If a hero with 90 Attack equips a weapon with a damage multiplier of 1.5, the hero's new Attack = 90 × 1.5 = 135. The Attack attribute for classes that deal physical damage is Strength, and for classes that deal magic damage, the Attack attribute is Intelligence. Some equipment can change a hero's Attack attribute.


Defense is a hero's ability to resist physical damage. Defense = Willpower × (1 + 0.2 × (Hero Level - 1))+ Equipment defense bonus. The amount of HP a hero actually loses when taking physical damage = Enemy Attack × (Random number between 0.5 and 1.5) × 100 ÷ (Hero Defense + 100). For example: If a hero with 200 armor points takes 120 points of damage from an attack, the actual amount of damage sustained = 120 × 100 ÷ (200 + 100) = 40. Therefore, the hero would only lose 40 HP.

Magic resistance

Magic Resistance is a hero's ability to resist magic damage. Hero Magic Resistance = Hero Spirit × (1 + 0.2 × (Hero Level - 1)) + Magic Resistance bonus from the equipped item with the highest Magic Resistance. Note: Magic Resistance is not cumulative, so you won't get better results from equipping multiple pieces of equipment that provide Magic Resistance. Magic Resistance works in a way that is similar to that of Defense.

Hit rate

When attacking an opponent, you have to actually hit the opponent in order to cause damage. The Hit Rate of an attack is determined by the Agility of both the attacker and the defender. Hit Rate of an Attack = Attacker Agility ÷ (Attacker Agility + Defender Agility ÷ 2). For example: If a hero with 80 agility attacks a hero with 50 agility, the Hit Rate would be: 80 ÷ (80 + 50 ÷ 2) = 76.19%. Therefore, the hero would have a 76.19% chance of landing the attack.

Combat skills

A hero's skills that are effective in battle are called combat skills, including talents and skills. The different classes have different combat skills.


When the player creates a hero, the hero will get a Talent, determined when the hero is created and cannot be learned or changed through the skill book or upgrading. The same Talent may have different levels, and the higher the level of Talent, the lower the probability of obtaining it.


Heroes can acquire various Skills by learning from skill instructors or using Skill Books. The same heros can learn all the professional Skills (may prerequisite specific attributes), but the number of skills that hero can equip is limited. The number of equipped Skills will increase as the hero level increases. Heroes can learn rare Skills by Skill Books (see the Dungeon Adventure section for the acquisition of Skill Books).

Daily mining/life skills

Daily mining

In addition to the bloody battles, the heroes also have their own daily life and work. When not on adventures, the characters can do some job to gain gold. You only need to click the button, and the hero will start to work and gain gold. Different job types may have requirements for attributes and levels. The higher the requirements, the higher the wages of gold that can be gained.
All newly recruited heroes will be mining Gold for their daily work. These heroes will have a Boosted Mining Period with a mining cap of 2,592,000 blocks (approximately 90 days). Once they start mining, heroes will continually earn mining tokens. Players can quit the heroes’ jobs at any time, but they will not be able to participate in daily mining again.
Mining heroes will now earn more per block than before.
Full-time heroes will have the same Primary and Secondary attribute requirements as before. Full-time heroes may join full-time jobs even at Level 1. Higher level heroes will no longer get a multiplier for mining higher rewards, but will get a longer mining cap.

Daily work types

By participating in the daily work, the hero can continuously earn Gold tokens. During the daily work, the hero will be locked and cannot participate in other activities such as Dungeonuntil the hero finishes daily work.
Part-time job (Gold)
Class: All
Reward per block: 0.015 gold
Class: Warrior
Attribute: ≥86 Strength and ≥61 Constitution
Reward per block: 0.015 + (hero's Strength attribute-85) x 0.005 Gold
Class: Rogue
Attribute: ≥86 Agility and ≥61 Strength
Reward per block: 0.015 + (hero's Agility attribute-85) x 0.005 Gold
Class: Ranger
Attribute: ≥86 Strength and ≥61 Agility
Reward per block: 0.015 + (hero's Strength attribute-85) x0.005 Gold
Class: Mage
Attribute: ≥86 Intelligence and ≥61 Spirit
Reward per block: 0.015 + (hero's Intelligence attribute-85) x 0.005 Gold
Class: Priest
Attribute: ≥86 Intelligence and ≥61 Willpower
Reward per block: 0.015 + (hero's Intelligence attribute-85) x 0.005 Gold


Class: Druid
Attribute: ≥86 Intelligence and ≥61 Constitution
Reward per block: 0.015 + (hero's Intelligence attribute-85) x 0.005 Gold
Class: Knight
Level: ≥1
Attribute: ≥86 Constitution and ≥61 Strength
Reward per block: 0.015 + (hero's Constitution attribute-85) x 0.005 Gold
Legendary Field
Class: All
Level: 1
Attribute: total attribute ≥ 401
Reward per block: 0.07+ (hero's total attribute-401) x 0.0025 Gold
Heroes need to upgrade before joining daily work to get a higher mining cap. Players may not upgrade their heroes once they have started mining. Again, we caution players not to prematurely quit their heroes’ mining jobs, because they won’t be able to return to work. For now, all heros’ mining rewards will be Gold, while Cyber Crystal will become a rare resource. It will no longer be produced through daily work. Later on, we will be re-introducing a new Crystal dungeon system with higher uncertainty and special benefits.
We will gradually add more types of daily work in the future.


Adventures are the most exciting part of the game! Kill monsters, take on bosses, and seize treasure chests containing all your deepest desires: Gold, items, skill books, rare equipment, and so much more!
Your hero can embark on two types of Adventures: Small Dungeons and Large Dungeons.

Small Dungeons

Small Dungeons can be challenged by lone heroes. When you send your hero into the depths of the dungeon, the system automatically generates random monsters for you to fight based on the dungeon difficulty level. You do not need to control the battle process manually. When your hero returns victorious, you'll receive the dungeon reward. Some dungeons may include random boss encounters, for which you'll receive even more generous rewards. If your hero loses a battle, you'll still receive a portion of the rewards from your previous victories. Each hero can do a limited number of Adventures per day: Level 1-3 heroes can challenge 3 Small Dungeons, while the number of Adventures level 4+ heroes can do is equal to their level. The Adventure count resets at UTC 12:00 noon every day. You will need to pay some Gold to embark on an Adventure, and the amount required may change dynamically in response to changes in the prices of Gold and BNX.

Large dungeon

Large Dungeons can only be challenged by teams of two or more heroes. When you send a team to the Large Dungeon, the system will randomly generate monsters to fight with the team. The large dungeon may contain multiple stages, each stage has a boss, and at the final, there will be a final boss in the dungeon waiting for the heroes. After completing each stage, you can continue to the next stage or withdraw from the dungeon. If you lose in the large dungeon, you will lose all rewards from this challenge.

Dynamic Adventure Adjustment

BNX-Gold Conversion Rate Table In each of the 6 Gold dungeons, the rewards increase depending on the difficulty from easy to hard because the higher level dungeons have a higher bonus base.
Dungeon rewards are influenced by the wealth of the monsters (WoM). The less heroes challenge the dungeon in a short period of time, the higher the monster’s wealth will be. Meanwhile, the more gold is minted (from heroes in the daily mining), the higher the monster’s wealth will be. WoM fluctuates between 1 to 5 bars (0.1 up to 2 numerically). The wealthier the monsters are, the higher the dungeon rewards will be.
The following is the new mechanism for WoM’s Reopening:
The update time of WoM in a Dungeon is random: from a fixed 60 minutes to any random interval between 45 and 75 minutes. This random time will also be employed for computing the WoM. For example, in a certain period of time, through an algorithm, the actual update interval of WoM is planned as 46 minutes, 60 minutes, and 74 minutes.
Each update on the time will not be affected by the previous or future data. This rule change is essentially the same as the previous version, with the exception that it is better tailored to ensure fairness and prevent script players from correctly guessing the outcome.
Dungeon rewards will be influenced by the wealth of the monsters. The fewer heroes challenge the dungeon in a short period of time, the higher the monster’s wealth will be. Meanwhile, the more heroes in the daily mining, the higher the monster’s wealth will be. The monster's wealth starts at 1 and fluctuates between 0.1 and 2. The wealthier the monsters are, the higher the dungeon rewards will be.
The following computation is independent for each dungeon level:
Wealth of monsters in a dungeon = (1,000,000 + Gold mined in daily mining in a random time) / (number of times that dungeon was challenged in the random hour * dungeon entry cost * 12)
Dungeon rewards Expected Value = Dungeon entry cost * Conversion Rate * Wealth of monsters in a dungeon
  1. 1.
    The dungeon reward is based on the average Expected Value (mathematical term) and the actual income each time will always fluctuate within a certain range.
  2. 2.
    In addition to the above auto-tuning parameters, there will be no human intervention in the adventure output unless some unexpected emergency occurs or the DAO votes for a certain adjustment.


The Lock-in is for 30, 90, and 360 days. The proceeds of the Lock-in will be generated in the dungeon’s claimable income, which is calculated on a daily basis. This means that you need to participate in the dungeons to receive the daily claimable income.
If you locked 100 BNX for 1% daily claimable income. Your claimable income (interest) is 1 BNX per day. The daily claim limit will be reset 24 hours after the last claim, so you need to claim the dungeon reward every day to get a higher rate of return. You may withdraw the BNX you have locked at the end of the 360-day Lock-in period.
Note: extra earnings and claimable income are two different concepts.
Lock-in Reward Rules
When you take the adventure, in addition to the normal reward, you can also get extra earnings (the current extra earnings are 50% of the basic reward). You need to lock BNX to increase the maximum daily extra earnings that can be received. Each time you claim the reward, the total reward = Basic Reward + min(your extra earnings , the daily maximum amount you can receive)
After receiving the reward, the extra earnings exceeding the daily limit will be forfeited and cleared.
For example, if you get a basic income of 10 BNX in a one-day Dungeon, then you will also get additional extra earnings of 5 BNX. The extra earnings part needs to be locked in BNX before you can receive it.
If you claim the reward without locking any BNX, then you will receive 10 BNX as a total reward, and the extra 5 BNX will be forfeited.
If you lock up 200 BNX with a 360-days locking period, you can receive up to an extra 2 BNX per day. When you claim your reward, you will get 10+2 BNX total reward and the other 3 BNX extra earnings will be forfeited.
If you lock up 600 BNX with a 360-days locking period, the maximum daily claimable income that can be received is 6 BNX, but you will receive 10+5 = 15 BNX for this case, because the maximum limit of extra earnings is less than your claimable income.
Dungeon rewards can be claimed once every 24 hours at most. Every time you claim all the rewards, the extra earnings you gave up will be cleared.

Dividend Pool

A dividend pool is created for existing heroes before the DAO. By transferring heroes into the new pool, they can earn dividends from the project’s income. The proportion of the dividend is 10% from all the fees/taxes collected from minting new heroes, marketplace transactions, land auctions, etc. Players can choose to move their heroes recruited before 1st DAO voting into the new pool for mining, or keep them for other game content such as dungeon adventures and PVP battles.
Dividend of heroes = amount of dividend * weight of all lock-in heroes at this address/weight of all lock-in heroes.
All dividends will be paid on the 20th of each month through the smart contract. The unclaimable dividends this month can be claimed in the next month. The 10% dividend may be adjusted in future DAO proposals.
Hero mining calculation power/dividend weight calculation method:
Gold hero weight: A hero who previously can get 0.01 Gold per block has a weight of 1. If the hero can get higher mining speed due to its level/attribute, the weight is equal to the number of Gold per block/0.01 * 1 * Level multiplier (x2, x4, x8, etc)
Crystal hero weight: A hero who can get 0.0008 Crystal per block has a weight of 5. If the hero has a higher mining speed due to its level/attribute, the weight is equal to the number of Crystal per block /0.0008 * 5 * Level multiplier (x1.1, x1.3, x1.6, etc)
In the future, after the launch of the Cyber Land function, old heroes will have new functions, such for land construction functions and player’s private lands, etc.
Examples: A level 1 Gold hero can mine 0.01 Gold per block, with a weight of 1. Two level 1 Gold heroes can mine 0.02 Gold per block with a weight of 2. A level 2 and 100 attributes Gold hero can mine (15*0.05+1)*2 = 0.17 Gold per block with a weight of 17.
A level 1 Crystal hero can mine 0.0008 Crystal per block with a weight of 5. For the heroes who can mine more Crystal, it is in the same calculation according to the multiple weight.
Check Below for a Complete Chart on Dividend Weights: